Our Saffiano Personal Compact Zip is so much more than just an organiser. This clever little multi-tasker has a removable mechanism, which means it can used as a wallet as well. When it comes to staying organised, this is the perfect tool to keep on top of your finances as well planning your everyday. Watch the video below to discover all the features this unique product has to offer.

Here at Filofax HQ we've come up with a few ways you can use our fills to track your saving and hopefully save a little along the way. Paying off a loan or credit card every month? Sometimes it's hard to track your progress so we suggest creating a visual tracker to make it a little more fun. Simply colour in a section every time you reach a new step, it's a great way to stay motivated. Use the plain refills included in the Saffiano Personal Compact Zip to create something similar.

Budgeting with Saffiano Personal Compact Zip

The best way to set a monthly budget is to understand how much you're spending in each area of your life, and to use this information to create realistic goals going forward. Track this with one of our finance refills and get clarity on individual expenditures, you might even be surprised what you discover! Our refill helps you capture cash and card outgoings, because sometimes contactless spending can get missed.

Track your expenses

One of the areas we often overspend in is groceries. Creating a meal plan for the week is a simple way to make sure you only buy what you need, reducing waste in the process too. Start by creating a list of meal ideas and allocate them to days throughout the week. Make sure you've checked your pantry and freezer before creating your shopping list, we suggest using our to-do list refill included. Some ingredients are better bought in bulk so batch cooking might be a cost effective option too.

Plan your meals

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